How much riding experience do I need?

We have horses to suit every level of experience. The one thing we ask is that you try to get in training and ride a little before the holiday to ensure your muscles become accustomed to the rhythm of a horse!

We offer our guests the choice between Western or English saddles and supply everyone with a poncho and water proofs if necessary.

What will I be eating on the safari?

Food will be preparad by Gioconda Scott’s team, George’s sister. A founder member of the Slow Food Movement in Southern Spain, Gioconda has been involved in the creation of menus at Trasierra since 1995

Gioconda learnt most of her cooking skills whilst studying in Italy, gaining further experience in high-end private dining clubs, hotels and restaurants in London. Travelling extensively in Spain, India, the UK, Morocco, Mexico, Italy and Lebanon, she also gathered ideas from professional chefs and inspired natural cooks. She starred in her own 14 part television series, Paradise Kitchen, for BBC Food Channel.

Gioconda is passionate about using the freshest local ingredients and creating dishes that combine traditional cooking methods with the cuisines of Spain, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the UK.

Can you meet my dietary needs?

We want our guests to enjoy every aspect of the trip so if there’s anything you prefer to eat or need to avoid, please do let us know.

Is there hot water in the camps?

Yes! At the mobile campsite, bucket showers deliver a steady supply of hot water.

What pace should I expect?

We want you to discover the magnificent Sierra Morena at a relaxing pace, but we also want you to enjoy the occasional thrill, so we will mix things up, breaking into trotting, cantering and even galloping on occasion.

Do I need insurance?

Insurance is responsibility of the rider. We do not offer insurance.

Do I need to bring anything smart for the evening?

It’s not necessary. We supply all our guests with luxurious Rajasthani velvet dressing gowns so that everyone is splendidly attired and equally comfortable and warm.

Do you have wifi?

There is wifi at the main house but not in the mobile camps, we prefer the romance of a roaring campfire at night rather than glow of a phone screen.