George Scott Riding Safaris


There are some predictable elements to this trip….

  • A horse selected to match your riding ability

  • The fresh sights, sounds, smells and raw beauty of this untouched corner of Spain

  • Delicious meals cooked over fires, accompanied by local organic wines and sherries

  • A team of expert caballeros to guide you safely and comfortably through the landscape

But equally, there are elements that even we cannot predict. This is because we want your experience to be unique – to be open to adventure and to serendipity.

So there will be moments when we offer you the opportunity to choose which fork in the path to take. In this way, you’ll have the chance to shape your journey rather than be led on some pre-determined route like an average tourist experience.

A rough outline:

After the first night staying in the comfort of our family home, Trasierra, you will begin your adventure.

Setting off on horseback, you will be riding old cattle-driving routes and bridle ways – paths carefully chosen by George. These are tracks that aren’t open to the public, so you’ll soon say goodbye to cars and indeed people. Before long, you’ll be immersed in the extraordinary landscape and biodiversity of the natural park. There will be oak and cork trees, dramatic and sometime spiky undergrowth, unbelievably colourful wild flowers (if you join us in Spring), birds of prey (among them, eagles, griffon and black vultures, flycatchers and bee-eaters) red and fallow deer, wild boar and, if you are lucky, the Iberian lynx (one of the rarest cats in the world). Time will slow down and, with luck, you’ll forget all about the racing demands of the 21 st Century.

You will spend your second night in a traditional unrestored farmhouse, where dinner will be served by candlelight. From then on, you’ll sleep in George´s magnificent Rajasthani safari tents (inspired by his time in Jodhpur). These subsequent nights will be totally out of this world – with traditional Andalucian food cooked over fires, candles and oil lamps dotted around the camp, flamenco gypsies playing wild music and the chance to sit or dance under one of the most unpolluted night skies on earth.

After an exhilarating morning ride, you´ll break for lunch in a spot chosen for its beauty or stunning views and enjoy a lavish picnic. On one day you’ll even be joined by a horse drawn carriage, laden with lunchtime delicacies, parked in yet another outstandingly beautiful viewpoint.

But above all this, we guarantee a few wonderful days you will never forget. An utterly enchanting and truly unique adventure, full of laughter and safely guided through the glories and drama of the Spanish countryside.